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Our next company is Cascadia Minerals Ltd. (TSXV:CAM), which is focused on exploring for copper and gold in the Yukon and British Columbia.

And joining us today are President and CEO Graham Downs and Vice President of Exploration Adam Coulter.  

TMO: Graham, just to kick us off, can you give us just a bit of background about the company?

Downs: For sure. Like you said, we’re focused on the Yukon and British Columbia looking for copper and gold. The company was just recently started in mid-2023, and it came out of a transaction where our previous company, ATAC Resources was taken over by Hecla Mining. And we were able to position our copper gold assets that we had in ATAC and we were able to spin them out into Cascadia Minerals.

So right now, we have a great portfolio of copper-gold assets in British Columbia. And our focus will be on the Catch (Property) in the Yukon and the PIL project in British Columbia.

TMO: Tell me about the management team and some of the major shareholders.

Downs: Well, that was one of the best things that came out of that transaction. We were able to keep a really good team together, kept most of our Board together. So, we have a very technical team.

So that was a really good opportunity to keep everything together. And then, you know, because of that transaction, Hela Mining has just under 18 per cent and Barrick Gold as well has a large share position.

And then Michael Gentile out of Montreal, high net worth individuals and management. So, there’s only 45 million shares outstanding, almost half of them are spoken to.

So, it’s a very well-structured company to go forward in what we think is a great copper and gold emerging market.

TMO: Moving over to the company’s flagship Catch Property in central Yukon, Adam, can you just give us a bit of an overview about the project and some of the highlights of the site?

Coulter: Yeah, for sure. Our Catch Property is located in south-central Yukon. Located immediately adjacent to highway and power. The project marks a brand-new discovery in this part of the world.

This area has not been explored at all until 2020. A prospector was exploring in the area, chasing up some really high copper and gold silt results, found some mineralization and came to us with a property.

We really liked it and optioned it in 2022. And since then, we’ve been chasing up those results. We’ve found a five-kilometre-long trend of mineralization at surface. I’ve expanded the claim boundary to 120 square kilometres now, and we’ve made an initial drill discovery.

You know, the thing we really liked with this project right from the beginning was the geological concept. This project is located in the Stikine Terrane, the same package of rocks that hosts many of the mines and deposits of British Columbia in the Golden Triangle.

And we’re really the first movers in this area on the Yukon side of this same geological package.

Downs: Yeah, I think maybe we can expand on that, we’ve also staked a couple other projects because last year we did some regional work, and this is just amazing that you can find new copper showings at surface and in such a friendly jurisdiction. Maybe talk us through that. I found that just absolutely incredible.

Coulter: So, we were so excited about what we saw at Catch and making these at-surface discoveries. We took that as a case study and expanded it across the entire geological terrain in the Yukon.

We’ve staked two new projects and have lots of other ideas rumbling around that we’re getting after and really excited about what we’re seeing there. So stay tuned this year on a couple of other projects that we’ll be looking at as well.

TMO: Well, building off that, walk us through last year’s drill results and how this year’s drill program, which is commencing on May 15 is expected to compare.

Coulter: That’s a great question. So, in fall of last year, we put out our first-ever drill holes in the area. Drill hole two hit 116 metres of 0.31 per cent copper with 0.3 g/t gold. And we couldn’t be more excited about that for many reasons.

First of all, you know, that’s a really good second drill hole into a porphyry target. Many porphyry targets take dozens of holes to figure them out.

And then on top of that, this is a very underexplored area, so a grassroots discovery. We’ve gone through the historical data. There hasn’t been a single drill hole within 50 kilometres of this area.

So, this is a true grassroots discovery with a really great first couple of holes. You know, really just emphasizing the point of this being a strong mineralizing system.

And so this year we’re going to capitalize on that knowledge that we gained last year and that new drill discovery; we’re going to step out in all directions around that discovery drill hole.

We have some even stronger geophysical features booked 300 metres to the east that we’re going to drill test this year, and (we) are hoping to find broader zones of mineralization. And we also know from the alteration that we see in the drill core that we’re quite high level in the system.

So, we’re looking deeper to look for the hotter parts of the system and where there’s better grades. So you can expect to hopefully see some better numbers and better grades with depth.

TMO: Absolutely. And Graham, just to close us out, what can investors expect from the company through the remainder of the year and moving into 2025?

Downs: So, like Adam said, we’re going to be drilling which is exciting, and we’re stepping out on that discovery hole. So we’re very excited about that.

We also have the PIL project down in British Columbia right in the heart of the Toodoggone. You can drive right in there. We have a compelling target there at PIL. I invite your viewers to take a look at our PowerPoint presentation.

We’ve got two amazing projects and then advancing all those other targets within the Stikine near the Catch project, the Mack’s and the Milner. We found brand-new showings there, so we want to move those forward and maybe find more.

So there’s going to be lots of news, and it’s a lot of fun finding new copper and gold showings, that’s for sure. So, lots of news and it’s going to be a great year.

And you can follow Cascadia Minerals on the Venture Exchange under the symbol V.CAM or head to its website for more information.

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