ARHT Media - CEO, Larry O'Reilly.
CEO, Larry O'Reilly.
Source: ARHT Media.
  • ARHT Media (TSXV:ART) has announced the launch of its online on-stage experience, Virtual Global Stage (VGS)
  • The platform uses ARHT’s holographic telepresence technology to bring multiple 3D presenters to a virtual stage
  • VGS lowers costs and carbon footprints by removing the need for travel, venues, and the physical presence of presenters of attendees
  • As COVID-19 causes bans on travel and mass gatherings, this virtual technology may help to keep businesses going despite disruptions
  • ARHT’s share price remains unchanged, and is currently trading at 6 cents per share

ARHT Media (TSXV:ART) has announced the launch of its online on-stage holographic experience platform, Virtual Global Stage.

The company is a global leader in the development, production, and distribution of high-quality hologram content.

Virtual Global Stage (VGS) uses ARHT’s patented Holographic Telepresence technology and multipoint broadcast solution. 

The platform can bring multiple, 3-dimensional, life-size presenters from different locations around the world to the same virtual stage. People can use VGS for panel discussions, fireside chats, training events, town halls, and product launches, all within virtual environments.

The technology can stream securely online, without any visible lag, and can integrate 3D graphics into the presentation. With the addition of PowerPoint and other dynamic visual aids, clients can easily create engaging experiences.

According to ARHT CEO, Larry O’Reilly, clients already use holopresence to create greater engagement and better content recall.

“Now they can do so more easily, and at lower cost, by addressing audiences in their office or home over the internet. 

With VGS, we deliver the full body presentations you are used to seeing on major conferences and events around the world,” he said.

VGS removes the need for travel, venues, and the physical assembly of presenters or attendees, which dramatically reduces costs and carbon footprints.  

This is becoming more of a concern, as concerns over global warming and the COVID-19 outbreak take their toll. COVID-19 fears have caused governments to implement bans on travel and mass gatherings, leaving a gap that VGS can fill.

A fireside chat, town hall, or conference presentation with two presenters will set clients back at least C$33,000. ARHT Media has studios in Toronto, London, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Singapore, making the technology accessible to global markets.

ARHT’s share price remains unchanged, and is trading at 6 cents per share, as of 10:02am EST.

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