Source: SuperBuzz Inc.

Advertising is one of the most time-consuming duties any marketer must endure, and it can also be the biggest consumer of a firm’s resources.

What if this process could be streamlined, with a lot of the heavy lifting left to artificial intelligence (AI) automation?

Founded by a team of machine learning pioneers, SuperBuzz (TSXV:SPZ) has done just that – harness the power of AI to create eye-grabbing content.

This AI company provides marketers with automation technology, content creation tools, and seamless campaign management. No experience is needed from the client and it won’t break the budget, either.

Engaging and intelligent content designed for scaling marketing campaigns:

Source: SuperBuzz Inc.

Their reach just got a lot wider, thanks to a recent distribution agreement signed with AppSumo.

The Sumo Group (dba AppSumo) is a leading software community for everyday entrepreneurs offering lifetime access to software-as-a-service (SaaS) products and a collaborative digital space.

Now that it is available on the AppSumo platform, SuperBuzz can offer its generative AI solutions to customers across 195 countries, with an emphasis on small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that lack the resources to maintain a marketing team.

The initial four week-partnership will offer SuperBuzz 20 per cent of completed transactions on the AppSumo platform over the first 30 days, with the figure rising to 25 per cent thereafter. SuperBuzz is subject to an 18-month exclusivity agreement from the date of entering the agreement.

SuperBuzz features include automatic A/B testing, a self-learning engine, and AI-based traffic boosting. From e-commerce to blogs, news sites, and everything in between, the platform can work on any website.

In the company’s own words via their website, SuperBuzz gives marketers “super powers,” as its AI analyzes billions of data points based on the content, products, and user behavior of its clients. The platform can even generate AI-enhanced images and taglines for clients’ marketing campaigns. Campaigns are run across a large network and the platform can adjust them automatically to drive sales and increase engagement.

Each step is done automatically or with a single click.

SuperBuzz is also now fully integrated with Shopify, the world’s largest e-commerce platform, enabling SMBs to access SuperBuzz’s AI-powered marketing tools to potentially increase revenue and scale their online businesses.

The start of something great:

Source: SuperBuzz Inc.

The first AI company to specialize in marketing technology, SuperBuzz’s innovative and generative AI marketing solution is in high demand, and the company’s CEO, Liran Brenner explained that they are eager to help even more small businesses benefit from their technology, noting that, by partnering with AppSumo and leveraging their following, they can reach a wider audience.

“SMBs often lack the resources necessary to maintain a full-fledged marketing team. With SuperBuzz, they can now access the full potential of AI-powered marketing and stand out among the competition.”

Through automation, SMBs can scale their marketing efforts without tedious data entry, using push notifications to keep customers engaged. SuperBuzz was designed with advanced machine learning algorithms built with GPT-3, allowing users to easily create automated campaigns that drastically reduce the time needed for daily marketing tasks.

The company claims its AI can increase the average click-through rate (CTR) on marketing campaigns by three times. This fresh SaaS platform applies natural language processing to automate content creation and drive traffic. The company points to recent data that shows SuperBuzz’s AI surpasses human-level quality. Still skeptical? Click here to take the company’s “Human or AI?” challenge.

SMBs are already turning to SuperBuzz in great number to reach their marketing goals with AI. The proposition of amplifying marketing to transform a lone marketer into a full-stack machine in this day and age is alluring for anyone.

To that end, this stock has seen impressive growth on the back of recent news.

SuperBuzz (SPZ) stock is up 60 per cent over the past five days and last traded at $0.12 per share.


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