• D-BOX Technologies (DBO) is continuing to address the video gaming market by collaborating with five Québec gaming studios
  • These partnerships will allow users to have a more realistic experience in the virtual world through the use of haptic technology
  • D-BOX Technologies plans to foster international outreach while continuing to promote Québecs gaming and economic landscape
  • Whole-body conditioning technology promises to elevate users’ experience at home
  • D-BOX Technologies is up 20.00 per cent and is trading at C$0.12 per share

D-BOX Technologies (DBO) is continuing to address the video gaming market by collaborating with 5 Québec gaming studios.

The immersive experience given to users through D-BOX started with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla at the end of 2020.

Some of the newest games to incorporate whole-body conditioning technology inlcude The Protagonist: EX1 from 3 Mind Games, Away: The Survival Series from Breaking Walls, Legend of Ethernal from Lucid Dreams Studio, Aeolis Tournament from Beyond Fun Studio and Sacrifice Your Friends from Astrolabe Interactive.

Although the technology is relatively new regarding the home gaming set up, D-BOX’S integration of its haptic technology promises to enhance the overall experience with a never felt before realism.

Haptic technology creates an experience for users by utilizing forces, vibrations, or motions. This technology incorporates tactile sensors that evaluate forces by the gamer while on the interface. President and CEO of D-BOX, Sébastien Mailhot is looking to propel the D-BOX experience in the home entertainment market, locally and internationally.

“D-BOX is continuing to expand its presence in the home entertainment market, taking advantage of the video gaming craze and contributing to the development of our local economy,” he said. “By promoting local partnerships with strong international potential outreach, D-BOX contributes to the development of a solid Quebec technological ecosystem,” he added.

Mailhot mentions several more titles that will be announced in the coming months with other home entertainment products rolling out in coming years. Home theatre seats are currently on the market which allows users to experience the haptic technology.

The next step will be to launch the D-BOX gaming chairs which will be announced sometime in 2021. Headquarters for D-BOX Technologies is in Montreal, Canada with offices in Los Angeles, USA and Beijing, China.

D-BOX Technologies is up 20 per cent and is trading at C$0.12 per share at 4 pm EST.

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