• Datametrex AI (TSXV:DM) subsidiary, Nexalogy, has provided its technology to help monitor misinformation and fake news campaigns
  • The activist technology hub, Democracy Labs, used the technology to identify misinformation about the coronavirus and US politics
  • Nexalogy’s software analysed thousands of tweets to learn more about how fake news manufacturers and trolls spread misleading information
  • Datametrex AI (DM) was down 33.33 per cent, with shares currently trading at C$0.01

Datametrex AI (TSXV:DM) subsidiary, Nexalogy, has provided its technology to help identify and monitor misinformation and fake news campaigns.

Nexalogy’s social media-discovery and monitoring platform, NexaIntelligence, collects data from popular social media networks, and analyses it.

Democracy Labs, a US-based activist technology hub, used Nexalogy’s machine learning technology to analyse misinformation about the coronavirus and US politics.

Not long after the coronavirus outbreak started gaining traction, misleading information about the virus quickly started appearing online. As fear and paranoia about COVID-19 has spread across the globe, so too has the amount of fake news about it.

Using Nexalogy’s software, Democracy Labs analysed about 450,000 tweets on Twitter, from March 1 to March 4. During that time, NexaIntelligence looked for tweets with the hashtags #covid19 and #coronavirus. 

The results provided a treasure trove of data about the behaviour of misinformation on social media. This included data about social media timelines, connection clusters, general sentiment, keywords, propaganda, and the impact of influencers.

It became clear that separating unqualified influencers from the experts is a necessity, especially when those unqualified influencers are in government. 

NexaIntelligence notably discovered a tweet from Russia Today, suggesting that the US primaries should be cancelled. The software also noted how many bots further amplified the message by retweeting it. 

In addition to investigating coronavirus misinformation, Democracy Labs also examined Islamophobic trolls and bot accounts targeting US Representative, Rashida Tlaib.

Datametrex AI (DM) has dropped 33.33 per cent, and is trading for 1 cent per share at 12:37pm EST.

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