• ESE Entertainment (TSXV:ESE) has notched a collaboration agreement with Poznan Game Arena and Metapro to organize the Web3 Game Arena
  • The W3GA HOT LAP and W3GA PRO PRACe simulated racing competitions will be taking place at the Poznan Game Arena in Poland
  • The event will include a cash prize pool split among the winners
  • Shares of ESE Entertainment are up 3.57 per cent to C$0.14 as of 11:48 am ET

ESE Entertainment (TSXV:ESE) is set to organize the Web 3 Game Arena (W3GA) as part of a collaboration with Poznan Game Arena and Metapro.

The company stated in a news release that the W3GA HOT LAP and W3GA PRO RACE simulated racing competitions will take place in early October at the Poznan Game Arena in Poland.

“During the competition, each competitor can complete an unlimited number of fastest hot lap rounds. At the end of the competition, the 10 competitors with the best times will be invited to the W3GA PGA RACE final tournament,” says Michał Bartczak, CEO of Metapro and the event organizer.

A cash prize pool will be awarded amongst the winners, with the grand finale taking place at the arena on Oct. 7.

The Poznan Game Arena is one of the largest entertainment and multimedia events in Central and Eastern Europe and will take place between Oct. 6 and 8.

ESE Entertainment is focused on gaming and provides a wide range of services to video game developers, publishers and brands. It also operates its own e-commerce channels, esports teams and gaming leagues.

Shares of ESE Entertainment are up 3.57 per cent to C$0.14 as of 11:48 am ET.

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