• Rideshare company Facedrive (TSXV:FD) has launched the Facedrive Health initiative, to assist healthcare workers on the COVID-19 front lines
  • The service will be available anywhere the company is already operating 
  • Facedrive Health will provide discounted rides, dedicated pick-up zones, and COVID-19 trained drivers for healthcare workers
  • The company initiative will also offer delivery services for essential medical supplies
  • Facedrive Inc (FD) opened steady today at C$2.96 per share, with a market cap of $266.9 million

Rideshare company Facedrive (TSXV:FD) has launched the Facedrive Health initiative to assist healthcare workers on COVID-19 front lines.

The business hopes to help battle against the ongoing pandemic, which has put immense strain of healthcare workers worldwide. The Facedrive Health initiative will provide a range of services to those workers. 

Firstly, frontline healthcare workers will have access to transportation via the Facedrive app, at a discounted price. Rides will take them back and forth between their homes and healthcare facilities, for less than Facedrive’s standard base fare. 

Secondly, the initiative will provide designated pick-up locations, for the safety of riders and drivers. Facedrive has partnered with various healthcare and medical facilities in its service area, to coordinate the locations. 

Thirdly, the company has established a driver training program, to form a fleet of COVID-19 trained drivers. 

Healthcare workers are one of the groups at greatest risk of exposure to the virus. In order to reduce the spread, Facedrive drivers will be taught COVID-19 safety protocols. They will also receive essential protective equipment, like hand sanitisers, gloves, disinfectant spray, and face masks from partner hospitals.

In addition, Facedrive will also offer a delivery service for over-the-counter medicines and essential supplies, like vitamins and inhalers.

This will include the ongoing management of medication refills for users. This will ensure that Facedrive customers have the medication they need during the crisis, while still social distancing.  

Facedrive Health will be available in all of the regions in which the rideshare business currently operates. 

Facedrive’s Chief Operations Officer, Suman Pushparajah, commented on the necessary service.

“We hope that this dedicated service gives hospitals and medical workers the flexibility to provide optimal healthcare to patients and families suffering from COVID-19.

“We are grateful to all dedicated healthcare workers on the frontline of the pandemic, and everything they are sacrificing for their communities. Through this initiative, we want to send them our heartfelt gratitude for keeping us all safe during these challenging times,” he said. 

Facedrive Inc (FD) opened steady today at C$2.96 per share, with a market cap of $266.9 million

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