Geologica Resource Corp. is engaged in acquiring and exploring mineral properties in North America, developing them into world-class deposits.

The Vancouver-based mineral explorer is primarily focused on its Topley Property in Central British Columbia.

The Market Herald’s Simon Druker spoke with President and CEO Doug Unwin to get a better understanding of the company’s background and where it’s headed on the quest for gold and copper.

TMH: To start with, give us an overview of the Topley Property, what you’ve been doing there and why Central British Columbia?

DU: We decided in getting started with the company. We wanted to be in the copper space with the electrification. We thought that that was going to be a long-term place to be and so that was our initial review, so we looked for copper properties and decided on the Topley property. Once geologists we were working with had taken a look at it and decided that it was very prospective at that point for copper and since getting our option agreement on it in 2020 we’ve done a number of soil sample surveys using SGH technology, spatial geochemical hydrocarbon, which has allows us to look down through the overburden at potential mineralization underneath and that’s kind of where we’ve got to at this point.

TMH: You recently released cumulative results from geochemical surveys on your Topley property, tell us about those…you’ve identified further potential there.

DU: We’re focused now given the review of the cumulative number of surveys that we’ve done for the soil sampling on the sort of southwestern corner of the property and then we looked at some information that had been done by Riverside in the past, a flyover arrow magnetics on the property and a lot of that area, again, lined up with the geochem results that we got. We ended up with a large gold anomaly with a copper anomaly in the middle of that, all within a large volcanic massive sulfide zone. We’re pretty excited about that portion of the property for sure.

TMH: So how do these results shape your exploration plans as you move ahead there?

DU: There hadn’t been much drilling done on that section of the property, so we didn’t have any sort of results there that we were confident with but having the historical data from the aerial flyover magnetics was really helpful for us.

TMH: What are the immediate next steps on Topley in the short and mid-term?

DU: The immediate next steps are to take that results that we’ve gotten from our exploration to date and develop a plan for doing the induced polarization over top of that and a little more drone magnetics work over that specific area down in the southwest corner. We’re hoping to be able to get in and get that done with permitting and stuff over the summer and then given results from the IP, we should have some drill targets that we can attack before the end of the year.

TMH: Are there any other recent developments that your investors, our viewers should be aware of right now?

DU: I think that I’d like to emphasize our new director Mark Miyaoka, who’s just joined the company, has a background in engineering and seismology and geophysics. We’re really excited to have Mark come on board as one thing and the other is we have a focus on ESG in the company. There’s a road that runs right through the property, so there’s no road building needed. There’s hydro power that runs through the property, so there’s lots of electricity to power things during the operations phase of it. So we’re not going to be burning diesel like crazy to get this thing up and going. So really, really focused on reducing our carbon footprint as much as we can and working with our first nations that are in the area to get their consent to work in the space too.

Geologica Resource Corp. trades on the CSE under the ticker symbol “GRCM”. You can also visit for more information.

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