Giga Metals is a Canadian mineral exploration company with a strategic focus on two of the key metals used in the batteries of electric vehicles: Nickel and Cobalt.

Giga Metals is developing the Turnagain deposit, a giant nickel sulphide deposit in British Columbia.

Joining us here at the Top Line today is CEO Mark Jarvis, thanks for joining us today.

TMH: What are the major catalysts for Giga Metals in 2023?

MJ:   We’re working on our pre-feasibility study, and we’re in the middle of that right now. We expect it out sometime around June, and that’s gonna be a major validation event for us.

TMH: Last year, Giga announced a strategic partnership with Mitsubishi Corporation, can you tell us more about this relationship and what investors can expect to see next?

MJ: We’re developing a very good relationship with Mitsubishi Corp. They’re very keen on our project, and it’s important to us because this is a very, very large project, and it’s important for a small company like ours to have a company with the financial depth of Mitsubishi Corp. Also it’s been something that’s validated our project, in the eyes of a lot of people because Mitsubishi they decided they wanted to get into battery metals and specifically targeting nickel and lithium and in terms of undeveloped nickel plays, I understand they looked at 26 undeveloped nickel plays around the world and settled on us. So we’re doing something right, and I’m hoping that sometime in the next year, we’ll be able to announce another large partner that will buy into the joint venture as well. So that’s what we’re working on.

TMH: The Canadian government announced the $3.8 billion Critical Minerals Strategy in December, how will this federal funding impact your project?

MJ: We fit right into what they’re looking for, and I must say, I’m hoping that all of the money doesn’t get spent in Ontario and Quebec. I think we’ve got some infrastructure needs for our nickel and cobalt project in British Columbia that the government could be very helpful with, but also, as part of that plan, as part of the critical materials plan, they’re saying that they’re gonna try to streamline the permit to help these projects get off the ground.  We’ll see if that’s what actually happens, but they’re certainly saying the right things.

TMH: Is this strategy a good sign for projects like Turnagain?

MJ: It’s excellent for us. Yeah, we absolutely fit in the wheelhouse. This is the right kind of project, A – nickel and cobalt are critical materials for batteries, and B – our tailings will sequester a lot of CO2 from the atmosphere. So, what’s not to love?

TMH: What’s your take on the commodities market right now, are you feeling optimistic for 2023?

MJ: I think the big event is the ending of the zero covid policy in China. As we speak here in January, I think China’s still got probably a couple of very, very rough months ahead. I mean, their approach has been all wrong, not enough people are vaccinated and so forth and now that they’ve dropped the zero covid policy, everybody’s gonna get infected, and it’s not going to be very great. Still, in a month or two from now, everybody will have been exposed, and everybody in China will have whatever natural immunity is conferred, and I think two months from now, China’s back to normal. China’s sort of in the new normal where the rest of the world is, and that is extremely bullish for all commodities.

TMH: Is there anything else at this point that is important for our viewers and your investors to know?

MJ: I think you should continue to watch this space. There are all sorts of big things that could happen at any time, and they might take a while, or they might not so watch this space.

Thanks for joining us at The Market Herald today and sharing your insights with our Top Line audience and your investors.

We’ve been speaking with Giga Metals CEO Mark Jarvis. The company trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the ticker symbol GIGA.

You can visit them at for more information.

Thanks for watching Top Line. In Vancouver, I’m Sabrina Cuthbert. We’ll see you next time.

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