• H2O Innovation (HEO) and the WateReuse Association are sponsoring a beer made from purified recycled water
  • The water was taken from the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District (LVMWD)
  • Attendees of the WateReuse Symposium can taste the beer in Atlanta, GA, from March 5 to 8
  • General Manager and Administering Agent of JPA, Pedersen was adamant about providing solutions not issues
  •  H2O Innovation is down over 1 per cent, trading at C$2.75 at 12:22 pm EST

H2O Innovation (HEO) sponsors a beer crafted by Fox City Brewing which has been made with purified recycled water.

The water, which has been altered for consumer enjoyment, was taken from the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District (LVMWD).

WateReuse Symposium

The 2023 WateReuse Symposium, held in Atlanta, GA, which goes from March 5 to 8, will have the new beer.

WateReuse represents a coalition of utilities that recycle water, businesses that support the development of recycled water projects, and consumers of recycled water.

Attendees will be able to taste the beer called Revival Lager. The event will be held in Atlanta, GA, from March 5 to 8.

The hope is that a more sustainable water cycle can be created by recycling water.

Instead of extracting fresh water from the environment and disposing of wastewater, recycling can create a closed-loop system that conserves water resources and reduces human impact on the environment.

Revival lager

Why the name ‘Revival lager?’ According to H2O Innovation, its name points to the fact that water is used as the main ingredient, thus giving a second life.

As for the project of crafting the beer, the intention is to ‘stress the importance of sustainability in the way people use and reuse water.’

The water used for the product has gone through an advanced purification facility to meet the highest quality standards, producing pure water.

According to research from the company, around 20 per cent of the region’s water needs will be met because of this project.

Closing the sustainability loop will help find solutions that meet the intersection between human progression and environmental integrity.

“The Pure Water Project Las Virgenes – Triunfo is the future of water for our region, which has solely relied upon a single source of water – the California State Water Project – to quench the thirst of our communities,” said Dave Pedersen, General Manager and Administering Agent of JPA.

With the environment top of mind for most companies in 2023. Pedersen was adamant about providing solutions, not issues. “We formed a stakeholder-driven partnership with community partners to find a solution that benefits the entire region; this project does just that.”

H2O Innovation is a complete water solutions company focused on providing best-in-class technologies and services to its customers. 

 H2O Innovation (HEO) is down over 1 per cent, trading at C$2.75 at 12:22 pm EST.

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