Source: Hillcrest Energy Technologies Ltd.

Hillcrest Energy (HEAT) has finished its first Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) inverter commercial prototype.

The company is accelerating its development activities around grid-tied power conversion technologies.

The company is developing firmware and hardware to deploy its ZVS inverter technology into grid-tied applications, including renewable energy generation, storage, vehicle-to-everything, and EV charging infrastructure. This could open the door to accelerating progress on the company’s grid-tied inverter, multi-level inverter, and enhanced powertrain solution.

The enhanced powertrain solution is designed so that EVs would no longer require an onboard charger, which is expected to reduce the cost, complexity, and weight of an EV powertrain.

Hillcrest’s ZVS inverter technology is designed to provide new benefits to grid-connected energy systems by offering a more efficient and reliable means of deploying higher switching frequencies. The company’s technology also boasts improved output power quality and control.

Ari Berger, the company’s CTO, said that the ZVS inverter technology is intentionally designed to be decoupled from the power control system, making their firmware agnostic to specific applications, allowing the company to move quickly to adapt their technology to any motor or grid application.

“With the completion of our 800-volt, 250-kilowatt traction inverter commercial prototype, we’ve set the foundation to facilitate our entry into grid-tied applications such as renewable energy generation and storage, as well as e-mobility charging.”

Source: Hillcrest Energy Technologies Ltd.

Hillcrest Energy develops clean power conversion technologies and digital control systems for powertrains and grid-connected renewable energy systems.

Hillcrest Energy Technologies (HEAT) is up 4.76 per cent, trading at $0.11 per share as of 9:45 am ET.

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