• Lavras Gold (LGC) launches gold trail in Rio Grande do Sul
  • Grade 4 students will tour the area, and some of the first people to have a look
  • Each of the five areas consists of its own gold mining history in the Lavras area for viewing
  • Geologists have also been involved, explaining and showing drill core and mineral samples
  • Each guest that arrived was given a present to leave with, a small jewelry box made from sheep’s wool
  • Lavras Gold (LGC) is trading at C$0.46 at 9:30 am EST

Lavras Gold (LGC) is looking to build strong relationships with community members.

The area that it works on is home to more than 23 gold prospects, accounting for around 22,000 hectares.

Members of the community are encouraged to tour the area, with Grade 4 students being some of the first to have a look.

“We want this to be an interactive experience,” said Paulo Serpa, Lavras Gold’s Country Manager.

The tri-listed company and Brazilian subsidiary of Lavras do Sul Mineração created a route consisting of five stations. Each area consist of its own gold mining history in the Lavras area.

Community member stations

  • Estação Memória at Casa de Cultura José Neri da Silveira
  • Estação Pecuária at Olavo de Almeida Macedo Exhibition Park
  • Estação Water at Camping Municipal Zeferino Teixeira
  • Garimpo Station at Caju Negócios Imobiliários
  • Mineral Riches Station at the office of LDS Mineração

According to the company, the children will be able to go once each semester. In addition to the tour, it is a chance to learn more about this industry right in their own backyard.

Engaging the students was important to the company, with the hope that they will take away memories from the experience.

“[…] every child will receive a passport that will be stamped at each station after a presentation on what happened there and why it’s important,” said Serp.

Geologists have also been involved in explaining and showing drill core and mineral samples.

In total, 24 representatives from the community are taking part, including but not limited to individuals in education, environment and more. Each guest received a small biodegradable jewelry box from sheep’s wool from local artisans.

Each guest that arrived was given a present to leave with, a small jewelry box made from sheep’s wool.

“Inside, we placed broad beans native to the area and can be planted and grown locally,” said Fernanda Carvalho, who created the Gold Trail and consults on social integration projects for LDS Mineração.

Lavras Gold will be attending a panel discussion where CEO Michael Durose will speak about community relationships. The discussion will be at the Mines and Money Miami on Friday, February 24, at 3 pm.

Lavras Gold is a Canadian exploration company focused on the gold district in southern Brazil.

Lavras Gold (LGC) is trading at C$0.46 at 9:30 am EST.

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