• MedX Health has revealed it has completed a pilot project with Health Partners for preventative healthcare management
  • The companies are partnering after the successful piloting of Medx’s DermSecure Screening Platform
  • The companies are aiming to roll out the service to provide dermatologist-assessed skin cancer screening to at-risk patients
  • Shares of MedX Health are up 40 per cent to C$0.035 as of 11:57 am ET

Shares of MedX Health (TSXV:MDX) received a boost on Wednesday morning after the release of skin cancer pilot project results in tandem with Health Partners.

In a news release, MedX Health stated it and Health Partners will be teaming up after the successful piloting of MedX’s DermSecure Screening Platform, which will aim to provide dermatologist-assessed skin cancer screening to at-risk patients.

“Health Partners is uniquely positioned to provide dermatologist-assessed skin cancer screening to at-risk patients right in their place of work as part of their regular employee health-plan assessments, “Mike Druhan, president of dermatology services at MedX Health, said in a statement. “The successful pilot with the MedX SIAscope devices and DermSecure platform demonstrated the efficiency and ease of access to this potentially life-saving service.”

Health Partners is the United Kingdom’s largest non-hospital private healthcare services provider with more than 2 million patients across 550 corporate, insurance and government clients.

Skin cancer has more than 220,000 cases diagnosed in the U.K. on an annual basis. Outdoor workers on average have a 60 per cent greater risk of developing skin cancer because of more sun exposure.

With its headquarters out of Ontario, MedX Health is a medical device and software company focused on skin health with its SIAscop on DermSecure telemedicine platform, utilizing its SIAscopy technology.

Shares of MedX Health are up 40 per cent to C$0.035 as of 11:57 am ET.

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