TMH: Midnight Sun Mining Corp. (TSXV:MMA) has an extensive land package in the heart of the Zambian-Copper Belt. The company’s site sits next to the largest copper mine in Africa consisting of multiple discoveries, so we asked Al Fabbro, president and CEO of Midnight Sun Mining (V.MMA), to tell us more.

Why explore in Zambia? Is it an easy jurisdiction for exploration and mining? In addition, what has the Zambian government done to create a mining, exploration, and development friendly jurisdiction?

AF: Well, the copper industry is a hugely important industry in Zambia. Zambia actually goes from a first world country to a third world country, depending on copper price. So, it’s a key industry and the government takes it very seriously. A recent change in government has led to a very positive pro-mining stance where the government understands what the mining companies need, and the mining companies understand what the government needs and they’ve reached the happy medium it seems, and it’s a really good place to work right now.

TMH: How do Zambian copper deposits compare to deposits in other copper producing regions in the world?

AF: They contain a lot more copper per deposit usually. Kansanshi, which is right next door to us, their contained copper was probably 35 billion pounds. Robert Friedland’s Ivanhoe has about a hundred billion pounds just north of us in the DRC. Barrick has about a 15-billion-pound deposit to our West, about 60 kilometers, called Lumwana. And first Quantum has another deposit about 150 kilometers to the west called Sentinel, which is about a 10-billion-pound deposit. So, they’re very large deposits.

TMH: Where specifically are you located in Zambia and are there any major producers or mines nearby?

AF: To the east there is the Zambian official copper belt and there’s about 25 producing copper mines in that belt as well.

And then where specifically are you located, because it’s quite a, a big area.

Client: Solwezi. It’s a, it’s a tiny town. Before First Quantum made their Kansanshi development, it was a town of about 3000 people. Now, it’s a thriving community of about 60,000 people. And the life force is the mine itself.

TMH: And you also did say it’s a massive area that it is covering.

AF: We’ve got 500 square kilometers there. It’s under about 40 meters of overburden. So, it, it’s hard to explore. We don’t get much bedrock. So, geophysics and geochemistry are our main tools.

TMH: Is there a certain area you guys’ kind of have your eyes on that you’d like to venture into at the moment?

AF: We’ve got three separate target areas. We’ve got the 22 zone (Kazhiba), which we think might be a buried Kansanshi style deposit, we’ve got Mitu, which is a classic copper belt style mineralization. It’s shale, ore shale. And then we’ve got Dumbwa, which is a Lumwana lookalike (Barrick’s mine).

TMH: As far as next steps go. How do you plan to move this project forward?

AF: We’re looking to joint Venture off some of our license areas to seniors. We’ve taken a pretty good run at it. We’ve shown its prospectivity, but we think we need more expertise and, and deeper pockets to, to finish the job.

TMH: Is there anything I missed that you would like to add before we let you go?

AF: Just the fact that that this area has attracted some very senior companies specifically to this immediate area. We’ve got Rio Tinto, we’ve got KoBold, which is the new Bill Gates/Jeff Bezos, artificial intelligence mining company that is in the area now. Barrick is getting more aggressive in the area. BHP is getting more aggressive in the area. So, all the big major mining copper companies are in our immediate vicinity looking for large copper deposits. And we think we host one.

Again, we’ve been speaking with Al Fabbro, President, and CEO of Midnight Sun Mining (TSXV:MMA).

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