Source: Millennial Potash.
  • Potash is a vital fertilizer component essential for agriculture with Canada, Russia, Belarus and China as the top global producers
  • Brazil, despite having phosphorus-rich soil, lacks potassium and thus imports significant amounts of potash
  • Supply chain disruptions caused by the Russian-Ukraine war led to a potash deficit in Brazil in 2022
  • Millennial Potash’s Banio Potash Project in Gabon offers a potential alternative source for potash with lower transportation costs and fewer geopolitical risks
  • Its vast potassium salt reserves are strategically located to supply Brazil, as well as Asian nations, and are located in one of the largest potash basins globally
  • Millennial Potash (MLP) opened today at $0.415 per share

Potash, a crucial fertilizer component, is in high demand globally, with Canada, Russia, Belarus and China being the top producers.

Brazil, despite its phosphorus-rich soil, needs to import potash due to its potassium deficiency. However, disruptions in the supply chain caused by the Russia-Ukraine war resulted in a potash deficit in Brazil in 2022. As the fourth largest agriculture producer in the world, Brazil heavily relies on potash imports, primarily from Canada, Russia and Belarus.

To address the need for alternative suppliers with lower transportation costs and reduced geopolitical risks, Millennial Potash acquired the Banio Potash Project in Gabon. The project is located in the West Africa Potash Basin, which is estimated to contain over 2 billion tons of potassium salts. Gabon’s strategic location on the Atlantic coast of Africa provides a cost advantage due to its proximity to major potash markets in the southern hemisphere.

Banio is equipped with an exploration camp and drill rigs and holds promise as a reliable source of potash for countries like Brazil, as well as Asian nations. Millennial Potash’s experienced management team and board of directors, with a successful track record in large-scale mining projects, have positioned the company toward this end.

As the global population grows and food supply becomes increasingly critical, securing dependable fertilizer suppliers like the Banio Potash Project will be essential for agricultural producers to meet global demands.

Millennial Potash is developing its flagship potash project in Gabon in the West Africa Potash Basin.

Millennial Potash (MLP) opened today at $0.415 per share.

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