• NetraMark Holdings has launched its NetraAI Lab, which is a clinical trial artificial intelligence solution for use in clinical trial data
  • NetraAI Lab will assist in analyzing customers’ clinical data including efficacy, toxicity and placebo responses in only four weeks
  • Recommendations based on the insights generated by NetraAI will enhance drug effect size and statistical significance
  • Shares of NetraMark Holdings are up 6.17 per cent to C$0.43 as of 12:11 pm ET

NetraMark Solutions (CSE:AIAI) has launched its NetraAI Lab solution for the purpose of assisting clinical trial data.

The company stated in a news release that the platform will assist its clients in analyzing clinical data, including efficacy, toxicity and placebo responses and have them delivered to their clients in four weeks.

NetraAI will further look to identify key variables that lead to trial outcomes and provide hypotheses that these variables have in patient responses. From there, the platform will make recommendations and criteria based on these insights that could be used to improve future clinical trials.

“Our singular focus has been on building advanced AI solutions that leverage clinical study data and affect the quality, accuracy, speed and safety of late stage trials,” George Achilleos, CEO of NetraMark Holdings, said in a statement. “Our proven NetraAI has been leveraged to “see insights” that de-risk clinical trials by providing advanced personas that are important for various stages of clinical trial planning and execution with the goal to accelerate drug development, and bring safer and more effective treatments to market.”

Benefits of NetraMark AI include:

  • Defined categories of inquiry (e.g. response, placebo, toxicity)
  • Dataset/data sources discovery (auditing /inventory)
  • Next phase study simulation with regards to effect size and p-values
  • Four-week turnaround
  • Integrated project team
  • NetraAl project lead, senior data scientist, bioinformatician, clinical scientist
  • Sponsor development team

What separates NetraAI Lab from other lab-based AI solutions is it includes focus mechanisms that separate small datasets into explainable and unexplainable subsets.

The company added that the platform has the capability of identifying the most important variables in small data sets, including those from a single Phase 2 trial that will help clinical trial teams in making better decisions.

Based out of Toronto, NetraMark Holdings is focused on the development of generative artificial Intelligence and machine learning solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

Shares of NetraMark Holdings are up 6.17 per cent to C$0.43 as of 12:11 pm ET.

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