• NexOptic Technology (TSXV:NXO) has been selected to join the Qualcomm Platform Solutions Ecosystem
  • The company will collaborate with a world leader in wireless innovation, Qualcomm Technologies
  • NexOptic’s ALIIS AI software is already being optimised for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon mobile platforms
  • The optimised version of ALIIS will be much easier and faster to implement, as a result
  • NexOptic’s share price is up 20.27 per cent, and is currently trading for $0.44 per share

Optics and AI company, NexOptic Technology (TSXV:NXO) has been selected to join the Qualcomm Platform Solutions Ecosystem. 

The Ecosystem is a program of Qualcomm Technologies, a world leader in wireless technology innovation. The company is also a driving force behind the development, launch and expansion of 5G.

NexOptic now has the opportunity to collaborate with Qualcomm, and combine their products.

Joint initiatives between the two companies have already started. 

NexOptic’s technology, ALIIS, is currently being optimised for integration into Qualcomm’s Snapdragon mobile platforms. ALIIS (All Light Intelligent Imaging Solutions), will become a better version of itself, with Qualcomm’s AI and camera solutions experts. 

NexOptic and each original equipment manufacturer (OEM) will maintain control over the choice to license this technology. However, the optimised version of ALIIS will dramatically decrease the integration cost to device makers. As such, it will be much easier and quicker to implement the technology on Snapdragon-based commercial devices. 

In the future, global OEM’s who need premium imaging enhancement will be able to directly access NexOptic’s machine learning imaging solutions. 

NexOptic’s Chairman, Rich Geruson, commented on the new partnership formed through Qualcomm’s Platform Solutions Ecosystem. 

“I’m pleased with the level of enthusiasm shown by both sides during the formalisation of our collaboration.

“Working with a global semiconductor leader like Qualcomm Technologies is a big achievement. It is also the most efficient way for NexOptic to gain a major foothold in the mobile industry,” he said. 

NexOptic’s share price is up 20.27 per cent, and trading for $0.44 per share as of 1:35pm EST.

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