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  • Ovation Science (CSE:OVAT) has flown its first order of DermSafe hand sanitiser lotion to China
  • The company recently received a fully paid order for 25,000 units of DermSafe, as a result of the spreading coronavirus
  • With demand for infection deterrents at an all-time high, Ovation expects to ship more orders to international customers with dwindling supplies
  • Ovation Science (OVAT) is up 6.25 per cent, with shares currently trading at $0.34

Pharmaceutical company Ovation Science (CSE:OVAT) has flown the first order of its DermSafe hand sanitiser lotion to China.

Ovation is the latest company of many to see increased demand in possible coronavirus deterrents. 

As a result of the ongoing crisis, Ovation recently received full payment for an order of 25,000 DermSafe units. 

The DermSafe hand sanitising lotion contains chlorhexidine gluconate, an ingredient which is used in hospitals and dental offices worldwide.

The product purports to kill both bacteria and viruses, reducing the spread of germs from person to person.

Ovation COO, Doreen McMorran, stated the product has been useful against previous flu outbreaks.

“Independent research at a major virology lab confirms that DermSafe has an immediate kill and a long term kill on envelope viruses including bird flu, swine flu, and influenza virus.

“Although we have not tested against the coronavirus, it is also an envelope virus,” she said.

Ovation is understandably cautious in its claims about DermSafe’s abilities.

Earlier this week, biotech company Holista Colltech retracted statements it had made about an ingredient in their anti-bacterial nasal balm. 

Holista claimed that the compound Path-Away was proven to kill all previously tested corona-type viruses, and 170 other different pathogens.

The unexplained retraction of these impressive claims saw Holista’s share prices plummet as a result.

According to Ovation President, Terry Howlett, this shipment is the company’s first international sale, but is likely not its last.

“Based on the number of requests we have had, today’s shipment is just the beginning of the demand we have for DermSafe.

“We are expecting additional orders shortly as today’s shipment pertains to our first client in China, and we are in discussions with other companies in China and South Korea,” he said.

Ovation Science (OVAT) is up 6.25 per cent, with shares currently trading for $0.34 at 12:18pm EST.

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