Sienna Senior Living - Outgoing CEO, Lois Cormack
Outgoing CEO, Lois Cormack
Source: Lucy Lu Photograhpy
  • Sienna Senior Living (TSX:SIA) has appointed Joseph Mapa, former Sinai Health Systems CEO, as Executive Advisor to its Board of Directors
  • The appointment comes after harrowing allegations of neglect at the company’s Altamont Care Community last month
  • Sienna is now undertaking a detailed review of its operations to ensure a sufficient standard of care is met at all of its facilities
  • In the new role, Joseph will assist in the implementation of the variety of new policies and initiatives
  • Sienna Senior Living (SIA) is currently down 1.43 per cent and is trading at C$10.35 per share

Sienna Senior Living (TSX:SIA) has appointed Joseph Mapa, former Sinai Health Systems CEO, as Executive Advisor to its Board of Directors.

The company came under fire last month after scathing allegations surfaced regarding conditions at its Altamont Care Community.

The report came from the Canadian Armed Forces, who were assisting in the management of COVID-19 at five specialised care facilities.

Military personnel at the facilities cited cases of severe bed sores, some of which had penetrated to the bone, as well as dangerous medication errors, a dire lack of staff, and regular public arguments between employees. 

The report also noted that some military personnel had brought in their own food to feed residents who were not receiving the standard three meals per day.

In his role as Executive Advisor, Joseph will assist in the implementation of a variety of new policies designed to ensure sufficient standards of care at Sienna’s network of facilities.

These include increased lines of communication between residents and their families and the introduction of enhanced frontline education protocols.

A zero-tolerance policy regarding inappropriate behaviour has also been initiated, along with the acceleration of staff recruitment and the on-boarding of additional healthcare expertise.

Dino Chiesa, Chair of Sienna Senior Living’s Board of Directors, said Joseph’s broad range of experience will be a significant asset.

“With more than four decades of experience at an internationally recognized acute care centre, including as CEO during the centre’s response to the SARS outbreak, our Board looks forward to making use of Mr Mapa’s wealth of knowledge.

“Like all Canadians, we are seeking answers to the challenges we are facing, and we look forward to addressing those challenges and coming out stronger, with the assistance of Mr Mapa,” he said.

Sienna Senior Living (SIA) is down 1.43 per cent and is trading at C$10.35 per share at 10:29am EDT.

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