• Sona Nanotech (SONA) is in the process of developing a rapid screening test for the current Coronavirus, now called ‘nCoV19’
  • Current testing methods are costly and time-consuming, and must be performed with special equipment and technicians
  • Sona’s proposed test will produce results in 5 to 15 minutes for less than C$50
  • So far, 37,562 people have been infected worldwide, with 813 reported deaths
  • Sona Nanotech shares are currently up 60 per cent to C$0.20, with a market cap of C$11.55 million

Sona Nanotech (SONA) is in the process of developing a rapid screening test for the current Coronavirus using its proprietary nanotechnology.

Upon completion, the test is expected to produce results in 5 to 15 minutes at a cost of less than C$50.

At the moment, there is no lateral flow test specific to the virus – now called nCoV19 – which originated in China’s city of Wuhan.

“Screening tests are critical tools in dealing with rapidly evolving and large-scale out-breaks that tax the health care system, like this novel Coronavirus,” said Sona Nanotech CEO, Darren Rowles.

The majority of current testing for nCoV19 is being conducted with costly molecular-based technology, which requires specialised equipment and skilled technicians, takes between two and four hours to produce results, and runs upwards of C$200 per test.

Sona Nanotech’s aim is to produce a disposable lateral flow test platform (similar to a conventional pregnancy test kit) using its proprietary nanorod technology.

“Lateral flow tests previously developed with Sona’s proprietary nanorods have demonstrated industry-leading test sensitivity levels compared to other particles,” continued Mr. Rowles.

“The higher the test sensitivity, the more accurately a lateral flow screening test will identify patients as ‘at-risk’ or ‘not at risk’.”

As of February 10, 2020, nCoV19 has infected approximately 37,562 people worldwide with 813 reported deaths – a fatality rate of 2.16 per cent.

nCoV19 is a respiratory illness, with mild symptoms including coughing, a sore throat and fever. In more severe cases, it can lead to pneumonia and difficulty breathing.

Sona Nanotech is currently in discussions with several companies and organizations regarding the development and implementation of its screening test.

Shares in the company are currently up 60 per cent to C$0.20, with a market cap of C$11.55 million.

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