Standard Uranium is a Canadian junior uranium exploration company featuring five projects in the Athabasca Basin.

The Athabasca Basin is known for being the world’s leading source of high-grade uranium. The company’s flagship Davidson River project is in the Southwestern Athabasca Basin. Its Sun Dog project, which will commence its second major drill program in February 2023, is located along the northwestern edge of the Athabasca Basin.

Joining us today to dig into the world of uranium mining a little further is the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Jon Bey. Thanks for joining us today.

TMH: Let’s start with a brief overview of your company.

JB:  So we are Standard Uranium. We are a junior uranium exploration company focused in Saskatchewan. All our projects are in the Athabasca Basin. The best place on earth to find uranium. We have five projects. We’re exploring them all in 2023, so it’s an exciting year ahead.

TMH: What are your upcoming catalysts for 2023?

JB:   As we get into February, we’ll start our first drill program. That’ll be mid-February. We’re going up to Uranium City, where our Sun Dog project is. We’re going to drill that one first. So that’s about a five-to-six-week program. On the back of that, we move to the eastern side of the basin, where we have three projects. We’ll do some exploration work there and then move down south to our flagship Davidson River, which we intend to drill all summer.

TMH: Tell us more about the Sun Dog project.

JB: So, Sun Dog, we staked a few years ago. We went there last year, did our initial drill program, and put four holes in a test of waters out. Those came back with some great results. So this year, we’re going up there with twice the size of a drill program. We’re going to put hopefully about eight holes in there right now. We’ve got some excellent targets. We have radioactive boulders right at surface, 65,000 CPS off scale. So we’re looking forward to getting back up there and drilling that one again for the second time.

TMH: What should investors know about your Eastern Projects?

JB: So those ones we staked a couple of years ago. Last year, we spent our time doing geophysics. So now those are drill ready. So now those are fully permitted. We have our First Nations agreements in place, they’re ready to drill. So we hope to get over those ones and sort of April May-ish and put a few drills in there as well.

TMH: Davidson River is your flagship project, tell investors and us what to look forward to there.

JB: Well, that’s our flagship. That’s the big home run we’re hoping for here. We’ve drilled it now four times. This is our fifth program. We’re going back up there and what we’re trying to do is make that next high-grade basement host discovery. So just to our east, we have NextGen’s Arrow deposit, which is about to be turned into a mine and a mill, and then beside that, you have Fission’s Triple R and then Davidson River. So we’ve got an exciting drilling program planned. We’re already getting into exceptional core right now. We’re seeing great alteration and great structure. Now we need to pinpoint that on those drill holes, and hopefully, we’re using a new partner this year called Gold Spot Discovery. They’re helping us with some AI technology to help refine our drill targets. So June through September should be an exciting time for our shareholders.

TMH: You have money in the bank from a recent raise, and your shareholder base is a great mix of funds and retail investors. Can you speak on that and tell us why everyone invested in Standard Uranium should be excited for 2023?

JB: Okay, so we just completed two capital raises at the end of 2022. We’ve now got about $3 million in the bank right now. That’s going to carry us through our first two drill programs. On the back of those results. We’re going to be raising money again, heading into Davidson River, but on top of that, we’re fully permitted. We have cash in the bank, and we now have our First Nations agreements for all our projects. So, little heads up, watch for a nice announcement next week with our Ya’ thi Néné partners.

Thanks again for joining us at The Market Herald today Jon, and sharing your insights with our Top Line audience and investors. We look forward to keeping a close eye on the company and chatting with you again soon.

We’ve been speaking with Jon Bey, the CEO of Standard Uranium. You can visit them at for more information.

FULL DISCLOSURE: This is a paid article produced by The Market Herald.

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