TAAT Global Alternatives - Co-founder, Joe Deighan
Source: TAAT USA
  • TAAT Lifestyles & Wellness (CSE:TAAT) began trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange today with a brand launch announcement
  • The company’s flagship brand, Taat Herb Co, is about to launch hemp cigarettes as an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes
  • TAAT’s hemp cigarettes contain CBD, which may help to alleviate tobacco withdrawals and reduce tobacco dependency
  • The company expects to launch the hemp cigarettes in 2020’s fourth quarter
  • On its first day, TAAT Lifestyles & Wellness (TAAT) is currently trading at C$0.72 per share

TAAT Lifestyles & Wellness (CSE:TAAT) began trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange today, alongside a brand launch announcement.

The company is preparing to launch its flagship brand, Taat Herb Co, as well as its branded hemp cigarettes. Taat Herb Co has developed the cigarettes as an alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarettes. 

The company has designed the hemp cigarettes to mimic the experience of a tobacco cigarette in almost every way. This includes the smell of natural tobacco, the same amount of exhaled smoke, and identical packaging formats.

However, TAAT’S cigarettes contain no tobacco or nicotine, and instead contain at least 50 milligrams of CBD.

CBD is a non-psychoactive derivative of hemp, which has demonstrated properties which are helpful to smokers wanting to quit.

As such, the hemp cigarettes will reproduce the smoking experience whilst alleviating tobacco withdrawal symptoms and reducing dependency. The TAAT hemp cigarettes will come in Original and Menthol flavours.

TAAT’s founder, Joe Deighan, commented on the difference that hemp cigarettes can make to help people quit smoking.

“By replicating every aspect of the experience of smoking tobacco cigarettes, Taat hemp cigarettes are designed to potentially provide a seamless transition from tobacco, in a manner that does not feel like a transition at all. 

“What users expose their body to changes, but the habitual motions and sensations stay the same. 

“Reception of Taat hemp cigarettes by test subjects has been excellent, and we look forward to bringing this better-for-you tobacco alternative to the mainstream market,” he said. 

TAAT is planning to conduct large-scale test sampling of its cigarettes on a trial basis, in retail storefronts in Nevada. The company is also currently building relationships with retail and distribution partners, in order to establish initial points of sale.

TAAT expects to launch its hemp cigarette products sometime in 2020’s fourth quarter. During the initial launch, the company will facilitate sales through online channels, before transitioning to retail stores in the US.

On its first day, TAAT Lifestyles & Wellness (TAAT) is trading at C$0.72 per share at 10:13am EDT.

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