Visionstate Corp., - CEO, John Putters
CEO, John Putters
Source: PressReader
  • Visionstate (TSXV:VIS) has added a new compliance feature to its Wanda software suite for hygiene tracking
  • The addition will enhance the ability to report and track cleaning activities in public facilities, preventing further spread of COVID-19
  • Visionstate’s new feature takes new, stricter cleaning protocols into account, ensuring that buildings meet the new standards
  • The need for such technology will increase in demand as restrictions start to ease and public spaces begin to reopen 
  • Visionstate (VIS) is down 7.14 per cent and is currently trading at C$0.065 cents per share

Visionstate (TSXV:VIS) has added a new compliance feature to its Wanda software suite for hygiene tracking.

The company’s existing Wanda technology already provides an array of solutions to monitor and maintain hygiene standard records. The new feature will enhance the ability to report and track cleaning activities in public facilities.

Such technology has experienced sudden increases in demand, in response to the COVID-19 health crisis. The new normal during the pandemic has been characterised by heightened cleaning standards, both in public and in private.

Visionstate’s new feature takes these new, stricter cleaning protocols into account. As such, it allows building operators to track how the facility complies with the standards imposed by regional health authorities.

The compliance feature works with the pre-existing Wanda tablets, WandaMOBILE, and IoT buttons called Wanda QuickTouch. It can also be tracked using the company’s online portal.

Visionstate’s CEO, John Putters, said that the world is increasingly seeing the implementation of stricter cleaning protocols.

“Building operators will need new technology in order to effectively track those activities and provide data on how well they have lived up to the new expectations.

“Cleaning practices are now at the forefront of ensuring the viruses don’t spread among the population. Moving forward, this will be the expectation from the public and health authorities.

“Visionstate is on the leading edge of providing the necessary technology to track those activities,” he said.

The demand for such technology is likely to continue at present levels, even as pandemic-related restrictions start to lift. In order to avoid a second wave of COVID-19 infections, heightened cleaning protocols will certainly remain in place.

This will be especially true in public facilities and buildings which are starting to reopen. These include restaurants, shopping complexes, airports, and other shared facilities.

Visionstate (VIS) is down 7.14 per cent and trading at C$0.065 per share at 11:50am EDT.

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