WELL Health Technologies Corp., - CEO, Hamed Shahbazi
CEO, Hamed Shahbazi
Source: cantechletter.com
  • WELL Health Technologies (TSX:WELL) has launched its Canadian telehealth service, VirtualClinic+
  • The digital communication platform will allow patients to access doctors through video, phone, and secure messaging
  • VirtualClinic+ may be the ideal platform for the 4.8 million Canadians who do not have a family doctor
  • The company believes that factors including the coronavirus outbreak are making more physicians seek out virtual consultation tools
  • WELL Health’s share price is up 5.99 per cent, and is currently trading at $1.77 per share.

WELL Health Technologies (WELL) has announced the launch of its Canadian telehealth service, VirtualClinic+.

Through VirtualClinic+, a digital communication platform, patients will be able to connect with healthcare providers. The program offers communication options including video, phone, and secure messaging. 

VirtualClinic+ users can schedule appointments and connect directly with doctors on their phones, tablets, and computers. There is no need to download or configure an app.

Patients in most provinces who use the service will receive a receipt that can be reimbursed through a health spending account or private insurance plan. However, British Columbia residents with a valid MSP health card can use the platform for free.

The service supports and works well with regular visits to a family practice. However, VirtualClinic+ may also be ideal for the estimated 4.8 million Canadians without a family doctor. 

Telehealth offers Canadians a way to avoid lengthy waiting room visits in physical clinics, and to reduce the risk of infecting other people. It also provides doctors with more flexibility in how they provide care, whether in office or from home.

In light of recent threats to global health, like the coronavirus outbreak, the demand for virtual healthcare consultation has risen. WELL Health’s Chief Operating Officer and VirtualClinic+ overseer, Amir Javidan, commented on the coronavirus’ impact. 

“Physicians in our network are now seeking virtual tools unlike any other time in the history of our clinical business. We believe this is due to a combination of factors, but also lately due to the rise of COVID-19.

“With tools like VirtualClinic+, physicians will have more ways to meet the growing demand for telehealth consultation services,” he said.

WELL’s share price is up 5.99 per cent, and is currently trading at $1.77 per share at 12:42pm EST.

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