XORTX Therapeutics Inc., - CEO, Allen Davidoff
CEO, Allen Davidoff
Source: Richmond Club
  • XORTX Therapeutics (CSE:XRX) is exploring a potential treatment for kidney and lung injuries associated with the coronavirus
  • Reports have shown that acute kidney injury and acute pulmonary injury are key factors in COVID-related hospitalisations and deaths
  • The treatment, XRx-101, has potential anti-viral properties and already has an approval letter from the US FDA
  • XORTX’s share price remains unchanged and is currently trading at C$0.13 per share

Biopharmaceutical company XORTX Therapeutics (CSE:XRX) is exploring a potential treatment for kidney and lung injuries associated with coronavirus.

Acute kidney and lung injuries often accompany coronavirus infections, including the COVID-19 outbreak currently sweeping the globe.

Recent studies in China demonstrated that acute kidney and lung injuries are key factors in many coronavirus hospitalisations and fatalities.

Various coronavirus strains, including SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome) and COVID-19 are often accompanied by pneumonia and acute kidney injury. They also often exhibit renal abnormalities, such an excess of protein in the patient’s urine, or blood in the urine.

In a study of 59 hospitalised COVID-19 patients, 34 per cent had high albumin levels in their urine upon admission. During their stay, 63 per cent of patients developed proteinuria (general protein excess in urine).

As a result of these studies, XORTX believes that its XRx-101 drug may be a possible front-line treatment for severe coronavirus cases.

XRx-101, an Oxypurinol formulation, has potential anti-viral properties that may reduce the mortality rates in hospitalised COVID-19 patients. It may also reduce COVID-19’s morbidity, which increases in conjunction with other conditions like diabetes, pneumonia and immune diseases.

XRx-101 may decrease production of uric acid and uric acid crystals, which gather in the kidneys and cause renal injuries. 

Oxypurinol has previously been studied for its anti-viral properties, and already has a past Approval Letter from the US FDA. This could be of great benefit, potentially accelerating the development of the formulation for its new purpose.

XORTX CEO, Dr Allen Davidoff, said the company has already begun a comprehensive review of XRx-101’s potential as a coronavirus treatment.

“Oxypurinol is a well-studied drug that is known to be clinically safe and effective at decreasing production of uric acid, as well as a potential anti-viral agent. 

“Owing to its advanced development status, Oxypurinol could be quickly developed to help treat those most severely affected by COVID-19,” he said.

XORTX has now filed new intellectual property rights for XRx-1010, as a treatment for respiratory and kidney diseases caused by viral infection. 

In spite of market-wide price drops due to coronavirus fears, XORTX’s share price remains unchanged thus far today. Shares are currently trading at $0.13 as of 10:42am EST.

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