Aparis Copper Mine

A Portuguese feast: EuroPacific Metals (EUP.V) digs in on a copper and gold smorgasbord

Karim Rayani liked Portugal so much he moved there and bought some historic producer mine projects that North Americans had forgotten about.
New Pacific Metals

New Pacific Metals poised to benefit from next silver bull market with two world-class projects

New Pacific Metals (TSX:NUAG) is ready to capitalize on rising silver prices as it advances and de-risks Silver Sand and Carangas projects.
Pulsar Helium

Minnesota helium project well positioned to help alleviate global shortage

Expectations are high for Pulsar Helium's (TSXV:PLSR) Topaz project positioned as the highest concentration helium discovery in North America.
Gold and silver markets

Silver price predictions: Is the 2024 gold and silver rally just starting?

Like birds of a feather, gold and silver have historically flocked together, and the two precious metal mates have found their wings in 2024.

Regulatory clarity for market evolution: Canada’s position in global crypto industry

Canada is a forefront contender in financial innovation and cryptocurrency, with significant potential to dominate the digital asset sector.

TAG Oil prepares for flow testing of its first unconventional oil well in Egypt

TAG Oil (TSXV:TAO) is the first to apply tried and true horizontal drilling and fracking techniques to unconventional oil plays in Egypt.
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investing concept

U.S. spot Bitcoin ETFs are live – what happens to Canada’s crypto ETFs?

Three since the first spot Bitcoin ETF was introduced in Canada, these funds are finding formidable competition from U.S. counterparts.

Bitget leading the way in building Trust and Transparency in Web3

In cryptocurrency, trust and transparency are not just buzzwords; they are the pillars upon which the future of digital finance rests.
Ciscom Corp.

A letter from Ciscom Chair, Paul Gaynor

Ciscom Corp. Chairman Paul Gaynor pens a letter to address the Annual General and Special Meeting of Shareholders that took place Feb. 8.
International Investment Forum

IIF Online Capital Market Conference: Unlocking small cap potential in 2024

The 10th International Investment Forum brings together companies from climate protection, biotech, energy, technology and mining sectors.
The Market Online Video

Saskatchewan’s own high-quality domestic diamond play

Star Diamond (TSX:DIAM) provides a tour of their facilities in Saskatchewan, including drilling equipment, bulk sample processing and more.
First Class Metals CEO Marc Sale

News straight ‘From the Floor’ on the final day of VRIC 2024

On the final day of VRIC 2024, Stockhouse reporters spoke with multiple industry leaders From the Floor of the Vancouver Convention Centre.
VRIC 2024

News straight ‘From the Floor’ of Day 1 of VRIC 2024

Take a look at Stockhouse interviews From the Floor of VRIC with mining and resources execs who shared their expertise with us on Sunday.
Silver bull market

Stars align for a silver bull market? Primary silver miners may be poised to shine

Increasing demand for silver and a limited amount of active mines mean companies like Silvercorp Metals Inc. (TSX:SVM) could be undervalued.
Medicus Pharma

Zacks Small-Cap Research initiates coverage of Medicus Pharma (TSXV:MDCX)

Check out some recent coverage of clinical stage holding company Medicus Pharma Ltd. (TSXV:MDCX) from Zacks Small-Cap Research.
Oil pump on background of flag of Egypt against the sunset

Revolutionizing Egyptian oil exploration

In the vast expanse of Egypt's Western Desert, a hidden treasure of oil and gas resources lies in wait, largely untapped until now.
Silvercorp Metals - Panoramic shot from Silvercorp's Ying Mine.

Ying Mining District operation frames profitable future for Silvercorp

Strong performance and proven reserves at Silvercorp Metals mines in China's Ying District earned high praise from equity research analysts.
Solar panels

2023, the dawn of the silver boom

This year saw a huge supply-demand deficit in silver, despite heavy investment selling. Solar panels caused a significant demand increase.
Silvercorp Metals gold

Unveiling Silvercorp’s golden potential at the Ying Mining District

Silvercorp Metals Inc. (TSX:SVM) recently provided an update on its activities in the Ying Mining District in China.
POET Technologies' POET Optical Interposer

Data speeds are increasing to 1.6T – what does that mean for you?

The 800G revolution is upon us and 1.6T will be close behind. Photonics is quickly becoming a driving force in the semiconductor market.