• Stillcanna (STIL) is set to launch its white-label cannabis service for the European market
  • The announcement comes after the implementation of new centrifugal equipment at its NEXUS facility in Poland
  • Tincture, CBD isolates and CBD gel caps will be offered initially, with other product offerings to follow in time
  • Stillcanna shares are currently up 20 per cent to C$0.18, with a market cap of C$19.96 million

Early-stage life sciences company, Stillcanna (STIL), is set to launch its European white-label service on the back of newly implemented technology.

The company will initially offer tinctures, CBD isolates and CBD gel caps of varying sizes, strengths, concentrations and flavours for other companies to purchase and market under their own brand.

Stillcanna’s new program comes after the implementation of industrial-scale centrifugal chromatography equipment at its Polish-based NEXUS facility, which allows for the isolation or separation of specific molecules within a substance.

With the new technology, Stillcanna will be able to isolate and remove THC molecules to produce THC-free CBD distillate products.

In addition, the company will be able to isolate any other cannabinoid molecule present in a substance, including cannabinol (CBN) and cannabigerol (CBG).

“We have been eagerly anticipating the arrival and installation of this chromatography equipment. There are a handful of suppliers in Europe that can offer companies a turnkey CBD solution to meet their pre-packaged CBD needs,” said Stillcanna CEO, Jason Dussault.

“While CBD continues to be our main focus, we cannot ignore the market potential that other cannabinoids hold. As the global research and scientific study of cannabis and its compounds continues, we want to become a consistent and trusted source of specific cannabinoid profiles unique to our customer’s needs.”

Of the cannabis retail companies that exist within the European market, very few produce and package their own goods. Instead, they rely on companies like Stillcanna to supply them with a complete CBD product.

Stillcanna intends to expand its CDB-infused offerings to include lip balms, topicals for muscle and skin care, and vaporizer products.

The company’s shares are currently up 20 per cent to C$0.18, with a market cap of C$19.96 million.

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